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Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy
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Going by Sea: Group Rehabilitation of Subjects with Mental Health Problems through Sailing

Carlo Di Loreto, Serena Rossi and Tiziana Schirone

The objective of the survey is to observe whether patients affected by psychiatric pathologies can be rehabilitated through sailing. Consequently, two groups took part in the study: a clinical group and a control group. The study shows that the individuals rehabilitated through sailing (clinical group) underwent significant changes compared to the those who were not subjected to the same rehabilitation treatment (control group). Sailing physically reintroduces the aspect of dependence on the object and, subsequently, separation towards autonomy, the duplicity of inside and outside. The transformation process occurs by sharing a highly emotional experience, with a view to cohesion, empowering parts of oneself in order to share them with others, achieving confidence in the experience of intimacy.