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Geotechnical and Geophysical Study of Ain Harrouda New City (Morocco)

Lemacha H, Ghafiri A, Bakiz A, Soufi A and EL Moutaki S

A reconnaissance study of soil properties is realized in the implantation area of the future town of Ain Harouda (Morocco). This study used two approaches: geotechnic and geophysic. The geotechnical approach begins with 11 mechanical core drilling and 5 wells using mechanical shovel with sampling for laboratory testing and particularly identification tests. This study showed that the settlement area of the new city of Ain Harrouda consists of a primary base consisting of schists and quartzites. These are surmounted by conglomerates and calcarenites plio-quaternary age. It also determined the intrinsic characteristics of the each geological formation that make up the study area, include water content, density, particle size analysis by sieving, sedimentation particle size analysis, the value of methylene blue (VBS), the equivalent of sand, limits Atterberg. The geophysical approach consists of electrical resistivity technique with 5 vertical electric sounding and 8 electrical tomography profiles. This approach was used to determine the resistivity corresponding to each type of land and also the consistency of the soil. It allowed to distinguish the substratum characterized by high resistivity (more than 3000 ohm.m), and the sedimentary cover represented by three classes of average resistivity: 200 to 1600 Ohm.m for calcareous sandstones, 50 to 100 Ohm.m for silty sands, and very low for clays (less than 50 ohms. m). The results obtained shows that the study area appears healthy and suitable for the construction of the new town of Ain Harrouda.