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Geochemistry Features of Oil-Gas Inclusions and UV-VIS Micro-spectra Analysis of Single Oil-Gas Inclusions in Bai 95 Oil Well

Yang AL and Tang MM

Geochemistry features including homogenization temperature (Th), salinity (S), grains containing oil-gas inclusions (GOIs), and polarized fluorescence microscope identification of oil and gas inclusions (OGIs) of Bai 95 oil well (localized in Jilin Oil Field, Songliao Basin, Northeast China) were obtained. The oil and gas charging, maturities of palaeo oil and gas, and the features of maternal source rocks related to three strata of Bai 95 oil well were estimated. A low cost measurement system combing a common inverted fluorescence microscope (IMF) and an ultravioletvisible (UV-VIS) spectrometer together was used to measure the micro-spectra of single OGIs. A minimum focus spot with 12 μm was obtained. The fluorescence interference from background was greatly decreased by subtracting the fluorescence from background. The micro-spectra from single OGIs take more information than that of traditional fluorescence spectra. The calculated Commission Internationale de l’Éclairage (CIE) chromaticity coordinates of the single OGIs by VIS spectra are more objective than judging colors of OGIs by human eyes. The main aromatic constitutes in the single OGIs were estimated by the UV-VIS spectra. With the buried depth increasing, the fluorescence peaks have red shifts; the aromatic hydrocarbons tend to become heavy. The UV-VIS spectra showed that there may be two maternal sources charging the strata in the second episode, one is mature, the other is low mature. This result coincides with the analysis result from geochemistry. Our experimental results showed this technique is a low cost, reliable and promising technique in measuring the UV-VIS fluorescence spectra of micro samples. The main aromatic hydrocarbons, the maturity of palaeo oil gas and the features of the maternal sources can be estimated by UV-VIS micro-spectroscopy of single OGIs.