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Gender differences in Health among Unemployed Adults

Mohammad Ashraf Malik

Background: Health simply means a psychological, physical and social wellbeing of an individual. In the present world human health is facing challenges especially among unemployed adults. It has been reported that there are a lot of differences in health between male and female adults.

Aim: The study sought to determine gender differences in health among unemployed adults. Methods: The present paper consists of 300 unemployed adult, out of which 200 were male and 100 female. General Health Questionnaire (GHQ)-28 were used to collect data from the participants. For data analysis, t-test was used to determine the significance of difference between the means of the sample.

Results: The results revealed the Mean value (M=28.73) among females is higher compared to male unemployed adults (M=26.18).

Conclusion: The study revealed that unemployed females showed high mean score than male unemployed adults. This is an indication that females’ health is poorer than male unemployed adults.