Future Impact of Probiotic Therapy of Metabolic Disorder | Abstract
Journal of Pharmacological Reports

Journal of Pharmacological Reports
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Future Impact of Probiotic Therapy of Metabolic Disorder

Hassan IH El-Sayyad

Probiotics are live bacteria that of beneficial properties with other intestinal flora in maintaining digestive system and body health. There is a great association between obesity, intestinal inflammation and the development of diabetes, non-alcohol fatty liver disease and neurodegenerative disorder like Alzheimer disease. Yogurt is the principal sort of probiotic microorganism such as Lactobacilli and Bifid bacteria, the principal elements of producing bioactive nutrient compound important for maintaining intestinal homeostasis, impairing inflammation and glucose and fatty acid metabolism. It plays a great role in the metabolism of the body and decreasing the incidence of the development of metabolic diseases.