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Drug Designing: Open Access
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Fulvi-H as Possible Treatment for Viral Diseases

Juan M Navarrete, Omar Y Morales, María I Gracia and Miguel A Zúñiga

Fulvi-H is Fulvic acid produced and sold in Mexico, firstly as soil fertilizer and secondly as animal dietary supplement. Now, after high purification from heavy metals and bacterial organisms, it has been authorized as human dietary supplement, in view of empirical excellent results in all fields, as well as experimental results obtained with mice and rats, which showed much better filtration of electrolytes through liver from digestive pipe to blood serum (32PO43-, 45Ca2+, 59Fe3+, 131I1-) followed by promotion of antibodies in their immune system (IgG, IgT). This paper summarizes all these results and proposes Fulvi-H at higher doses as a valuable complement in addition to treatment of human viral diseases, such as Herpes Zoster, Hepatitis C and AIDS. Therefore, next step should be a medical protocol, to test the facts proved in laboratory animals.