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Fishing Methods and their Implications for a Sustainable Environment

Olaniyan RF

Commercial fishes found in Nigeria have been discovered over several thousand years ago. They are found in the Nigeria water ways such as, stream, lakes, rivers lagoon and even the sea. Notably among the fishes are the Cat fish (Scaly and non-scaly etc.). It has been established that protein from foods of animals origin is dangerously lacking in the diets of Nigerians and most Africans Idodo-Umeh (2003).The supply of meat from games and various domestic animals are not enough to meet the protein demand of the growing population in most African countries (Federal Department of Fisheries, 2003).The importance of fish protein in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized since more than 40% of the animal protein consumed by an average Nigeria comes from fish. Thus the total demand for fish in Nigeria is expected to increase since the population is increasing.