Journal of Applied Pharmacy

Journal of Applied Pharmacy
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ISSN: 1920-4159


Exploring Novel Isocractic HPLC Method for Quantitative Determination of Cinnarizine and Piracetam in Their Capsule Preparations

El-Adl SM, El-sadek ME and Hasan MH

A novel isocratic HPLC method had been developed for rapid simultaneous separation and determination of cinnarizine and Piracetam in pure form or in pharmaceutical formulations within less than 10 minutes. Separation was carried out on a Hypersil gold C18 (10μm, 100x4.6mm) column. Effect of pH and composition of mobile phase in addition to flow rate was studied. Calibration was obeyed in the range of (10-80) μg/ml for cinnarizine or (160- 960) μg/ ml for Piracetam. The method was applied for the simultaneous determination of these drugs in both bulk and pharmaceutical forms and this is the first published method that uses isocratic HPLC method for cinnarizine and piracetam determination in combined formulation and the method were validated according to ICH parameters.