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Exercise Oxymetry in the Diagnosis of a Clinically Challenging Bilateral Socket Intolerance and Follow-up of An Apparently Inefficient Revascularisation

Alban Fouasson-Chailloux, Samir Henni and Pierre Abraham

Socket intolerance is a cause of walking impairment in amputees. Exercise transcutaneous oxygen pressure (ExtcpO2) is proposed to monitor exercise-induced ischemia. A man with bilateral tibial amputation was referred for left thigh pain and socket intolerance. Ex-tcpO2 showed an ischemia on the left thigh and on buttocks. After vascular surgery, the patient complains from walking limitation with left buttock pain. A new Ex-tcpO2 showed a normalization of the thighs ischemia but a worsening on the left buttock, due to the circumflex artery occlusion during surgery. This case illustrates questions that physician may face, Ex-tcpO2 confirms vascular origin of the pain.