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Anesthesia & Clinical Research
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ISSN: 2155-6148


Evaluation of Human Factors in Airway Management Course

Daunt M, Flack J, Baxendale B and McCahon RA

The Human Factors in Airway Management course was designed to emphasise the importance of human factors and non-technical skills in difficult airway management scenarios, whilst teaching the practical skills of using specialised airway devices. A validated version of the Operating Room Management Attitudes Questionnaire (ORMAQ) was used to assess changes in twelve delegates’ attitudes as a result of attending the course. This measures attitudes to leadership, communication, teamwork, stress and fatigue, work values, error, and error management. Pre-course attitudes to leadership hierarchy, stress and fatigue, and information sharing were more positive than those reported in previous ORMAQ surveys of anaesthetists. Eight weeks following the course, there was a preference for a reduced authority gradient within the operating theatre team, increased assertion in the face of seniority, and an improvement in attitude to multidisciplinary team-working. By demonstrating these changes in attitude to patient safety, we believe the impact of non-technical skills training can translate into positive changes in clinical practice.

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