Evaluation of Herbal Henna Based Hair Colour Retention Study through Chromo Meter | Abstract
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Hair Therapy & Transplantation
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Evaluation of Herbal Henna Based Hair Colour Retention Study through Chromo Meter

Jayaganesh Sankar*, Mridula Kini, Sudhakar Mhaskar and Neha Sathe

Colour retention is main key parameters in selection of good hair colour product. Consumers selected the hair colour from shelf based on the colour retention claim on the back, advertisement and their previous experience or association with the brand. Most of the hair colour consumers having the high expectations on colour fastness and colour protection. Present study have aimed to develop the method for the herbal hair dye colour retention through instrumental evaluation, the study protocol mimic to the user regular routine life. Overall study will help to claim the new numerical claim for the henna based hair colour and it help to confident to the end user for the purchase. Chromometer used for checking the colour uptake and retention property of henna based herbal hair dyes. Colour fading was measured after every three consecutive washes with leading market samples of shampoo and soap. In rural segment peoples are used the soap for the hair cleansing purpose, soaps are having the higher pH i.e. greater than 9.0, the higher pH open the cuticles easily and it cause the colour fading. One set of dyed hair swatches washed with leading shampoo and another one set washed with soap samples, Delta E values. The result indicates that there is no significant color wash due to soap and shampoo washes. ΔE values varied between 0.213 and 0.435 for shampoo washes and 0.259 and 0.644 for the Soap washes. Cationic guar molecule having the positive change in the side chain and it easily form the ionic bond with the negative changed hair and it provided the shield to the hair and maintain the hydrophobic nature and minimize the colour leach outs. Overall instrumental data revealed that there is no significant colour loss due to daily wash with shampoo or soaps. It clearly indicates that the delta E value is less than 2 unit with respect to 31 washes with shampoo or soap washes. There is no significant visual difference in hair swatches also. The entire study data support to claims the developed “Herbal Powder hair colour “Long lasting colour and lasts upto one month”. Current developed herbal based hair dyes delivers the 100% grey coverage and provide the long lasting hair colour retention similar to the crème hair colour; developed formula performance are equal to the premium nature.

Published Date: 2021-06-28; Received Date: 2021-06-07