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Evaluation of Age Effects on Semen Parameters of Infertile Males

Huda Mossa Omran, Moiz Bakhiet and Mariam Ghloom Dashti

Background: The contributions of host factors, such as age, in male infertility are still poorly understood. Thus, the present work has aimed to evaluate the effect of patient’s age on semen parameters of infertile males.

Method: Semen samples from 52 infertile patients aged 21-52 years (mean 30.8 ± 6.7) were analysed by conventional semen analysis methods, flowcytometry analysis for sperm DNA integrity, and colorimetric assay for total antioxidant capacity.

Results: The study revealed that, as patient’s age increases, there was a significant reductionin sperm density, motility, percentage of morphologically normal spermatozoa, total antioxidant capacity and DNA integrity.

Conclusion: The study results demonstrated the negative influence of increasing patient’s age on semen parameters; and the possible role of patient’s age in the aetiology of male infertility.