Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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ISSN: 2165-7556


Ergonomic Convergence of a Modular Integrator in Aspect of Soldiers Situational Awareness on the Battlefield

Janusz Dudczyk, Milena Zielińska and Fryderyk Wachowiak

Herein article describes the result of analysis of fitting the Modular Integrator  (M-ITG) to a man operating in a given environment-the battlefield. Applying the Modular Integrator is one of main methods of increasing soldier’s situational awareness on the battlefield through using advanced technical and electronic devices to manage its C4I system. Functional aspects of the M-ITG support a soldier in everyday combat operations, while increasing soldier’s situational awareness. Main tasks of this device are to provide the soldier with maximum safety during performing his combat missions. It also integrates the electronic and optoelectronic equipment, improves commanding the battle team, ensures a flow of voice information, sending data and images and displays the tactical situation on its screen. Centralizing the device lets to reduce the number of actions that a soldier would have to perform, and thus shortens the time of concentration loss on the battlefield. The dependency system between the battlefield the soldier and the Modular Integrator has been described in this material as a classic ergonomics system (a man-a technical object-the environment). The indication of convergence between the Modular Integrator and the user, as well as other elements of the environment, contributes to increasing the situational awareness on the battlefield, which is confirmed by the prepared matrix of dependencies. The results shown, that the examined equipment meets the specific ergonomics requirements in the triangle between a man-a technical object and the environment of the battlefield.