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Epidemiological Profile of HIV/Tuberculosis Co-infection in a City in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Carolina de Castro Castrighini, Renata Karina Reis, Lis Aparecida de Souza Neves, Marli Terezinha G Galvão and Elucir Gir

The purpose of this study was to describe the epidemiological profile of reported HIV/tuberculosis co-infected individuals in Ribeirão Preto (state of São Paulo). It is an epidemiological, descriptive and cross-sectional study conducted in 2012; the population was comprised of all individuals with HIV/tuberculosis co-infection, reported in 2010 and 2011. The data was collected from the TB web database. Of the 375 individuals reported with tuberculosis reported during the study period, 307 underwent HIV serologic testing; 222 (72.3%) of the results were negative and 85 (27.7%) were positive. In the cases of individuals who only had tuberculosis, as well as those who were co-infected, most were male-68.5% and 70.6% respectively. The predominant age range was from 30 to 49 years (40.0%) and 36.7% had completed 4-7 years of education. In terms of treatment outcome, there was an 80.5% cure rate. The gender, age range and end of treatment variables were subjected to the chi-square test. The prevalence ratio was computed for each variable to compare individuals with and without tuberculosis; who presented the chance of risk with the co-infection as per their age range, education, the existence of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, negative bacilloscopy, with normal x-ray image and treatment outcome of abandonment. As observed, HIV/aids is associated with a greater rate of deaths and more complicated forms of tuberculosis, evidencing the need to promote multidisciplinary actions reflecting on their diseases.