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Journal of Oceanography and Marine Research
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Epidemiological and Nutritional Perspectives of Three Mangrove Snails-Telescopium telescopium, Cerithidea obtusa and Cerithidea cingulata - A Relative Exploration of Minerals and Vitamins

Joseph Uday Ranjan T* and Ramesh Babu K

The present comparative revise intends on providing qualitatively the mineral and vitamins by atomic absorption spectroscopy and high performance liquid chromatography respectively in total tissues of three Potamidid snails distinctively T. telescopium, C. obtusa and C. cingulata of Tekkali Creek, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh. Fallouts illustrate that, elevated amounts of Iron, calcium and anticipated Phosphorous levels were existential in C. cingulata. C. obtusa had towering amount of magnesium, a lesser amount of sodium was observed in T. telescopium. Fairly accurate amounts of chlorine were observed in C. cingulata and C. obtusa. Lofty amount of penultimate macro element potassium perceived in C. obtusa. Last of all minerals, zinc concentration was far above the ground in C. cingulata. HPLC analysis of three Potamidid snail test samples showed the presence of high-flying concentrated vitamins. Elevated amount of vitamin A was observed in C. obtusa. Whereas C. cingulata had high amount of Vitamin E. Amongst B complex vitamins, B1 vitamin concentration is more in C. obtusa. C. cingulata had towering vitamin B2. T. telescopium had sky-scraping amount of vitamin B6, finally vitamin B12 concentration was lofty in C. obtusa. These findings demonstrate that the consumption of these tested bivalve snails, appends top worth-added essences.

Published Date: 2020-02-26; Received Date: 2019-12-12