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Environment and the Daily Functioning of Jordanian Patients with Stroke: An Exploratory Study

Hawamdeh Z, Hamed R and Al-Yaya E

Purpose: Environment as described in the ICF can significantly affect the daily functioning of patients with long-term disabilities such as stroke. The purpose of this study is to explore barriers in the environment surrounding Jordanian patients with stroke.

Methods: A sample of 116 patients with stroke was recruited. A questionnaire listing the environmental factors as described in the ICF was used to explore patients’ perception on the level of hinderness each factor imposes on their daily functioning. Patients were also asked to report the availability of necessary services they need in rehabilitation. Additionally, correlations were explored between patients’ demographic and illness-related characteristics.

Results: External environmental factors such as sidewalks, other drivers, and noise in public places were perceived by the patients as hindering to daily functioning. Psychological services were reported to be provided the least in rehabilitation. Moderate but significant correlations were found between patients’ perceived level of independence and patient’s level of participation(r=0.56, p<0.000), as well as use of assistive devices (r=0.51, p<0.000).

Conclusions: Exploring the effect of environmental factors on the daily functioning of patients with stroke is important when planning intervention. Special attention must be given to the effect of external environmental factors where patients have minimal control over the surroundings.