Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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ISSN: 2167-7670


Engineering Design at Concept Stage for a Front Axle Design – A Case Study.

Subrata Kumar Manda, Atanu Maity, Ashok Prasad, Sankar Karmakar and Palash Maji

Now-a-days, in an industrial growth, cost and quality production in time as well as quality improvement are of major interest in engineering design. Therefore, in order to make a decision as early as possible and according to the product specifications, mechanical analysis is used more and more, and earlier and earlier in the engineering process. Then, a multitude of mechanical models are elaborated during engineering design, and management difficulties appear with engineering changes or evolution of specifications. Moreover, when the designer is faced with design or modelling options, previous analysis could answer the choice of options for decision making. Then, the reuse of a previous analysis must be envisaged.

The paper presented the aim and the different use of mechanical analysis in engineering design. Afterwards, different levels of models handled by the designer during the engineering process are proposed. The present case study will show the utilization of engineering design through 3D CAD at the concept design stage of a highly complicated shaped product for a new system.