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Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy
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Effects of Hatha-Yoga Program on a Small Group with Alzheimer' s Disease

Quintero Gallego, Eliana Alexey, Rodríguez Ma.Clara, Guzman Lina and Alex Reyes

The main interest of this research, was to determine the effect of a Hatha Yoga program on psychological (quality of life, anxiety, depression, working memory and processing speed), physical (balance and flexibility) and functional (basic and instrumental activities) variables in a group of patients with Alzheimer ́s Disease in Bogota, Colombia. Eight adults diagnosed with Moderate Alzheimer Dementia by an interdisciplinary health team from the Fundación Cardio Infantil (Hospital in Bogota), and with score of five in the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS), participated in this study. Descriptive statistics was used to make comparisons in measurements taken before and after the Hatha Yoga program and inferential statistics were used to test hypotheses. Improvements in balance and elasticity were revealed by Wilcoxon test.