Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome

Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome
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Effect of the Yoga on Anthropometric and Physical Assessments in Adolescent Obesity

Sunanda S Rathi, Ruchira R Joshi, Padmini Tekur, Nagaratna RN and Nagendra HR

Background: Adolescent Obesity is causing serious public health concern and in many countries threatening the viability of basic health care delivery. Many co-morbid conditions are seen in association with adolescent obesity. Interventions based on Yoga principles are found to have effective solutions for adolescent obesity.

Aim: To evaluate the effect of the Yoga based intervention on anthropometric and physical assessments in Adolescent Obesity

Methods: RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial) was conducted on 53 obese adolescents for 40 days. Special yoga based training Program was conducted for yoga group. Parameters like weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) parameters, pulse rate, blood pressure, MAC (Mid Upper Arm Circumferences), Ac (Abdominal Circumference), Waist Circumference (WC), HC (Hip Circumference) along with physical tests like sit ups and Flamingo balance tests were assessed before and after intervention for both yoga and control groups. Within and between groups analyses of the variables were analysed.

Result: The study showed significant reduction in weight, body mass index, Hip circumference, and total body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat throughout the body in yoga group and percentage of improvement is more in yoga group than that of control group.

Conclusion: Yoga based intervention is effective to reduced obesity in adolescent children with respect to anthropometric and physical assessments.