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Effect of Oropharyngeal Stimulation and Tongue PNF on Cognition, Quality of Sleep and Hba1c in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea- A Randomized Clinical Trial

Vrushali Bhore*, Jeba Chitra and Jowena Parikh

Background: OSA is related to cognitive disturbances and poor sleep quality. The lifetime prevalence of OSA is 21.7% causing collapse of Upper Airway muscles which then leads to recurrent hypoxia and wakening of the individual. When intensity worsens, patients tend to feel sluggish during tasks that usually require alertness (e.g., education, work, driving), daytime fatigue/tiredness, cognitive deficits (short-term memory, concentration), decreased attention, morning agitation, changes in temperament and mood like depression and anxiety.

Aim: The objective of the current research was to determine impact of Oropharyngeal Stimulation and Tongue Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) on Cognition, Quality of Sleep and glycated hemoglobin in OSA patients.

Methods: 30 adults were recruited in the study and were randomized to 2 groups. A 4 week session of Oropharyngeal Stimulation was given to the subjects for 20 minutes for Group A and Tongue PNF for Group B. The outcome measures used in the study were Epworth Sleepiness Scale, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Mindful Attention Awareness Scale, Addenbrooke Cognitive Examination- III, Trail Making Test, Digit Span Test and Glycated Hemoglobin.

Results: The results state that there was a statistical noteworthy change in the all the outcome measures for all the participants of Group A and B. Improvements were also seen in the parameters for within group analysis. (p<0.05). Daytime sleepiness reduced in terms of both the interventions along with quality of sleep. In terms of cognition, significant change was seen in the Tongue PNF group.

Conclusion: This study concluded that a 4 week intervention of Oropharyngeal Stimulation and Tongue PNF improved Cognition, Hba1c and Quality of Sleep in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Published Date: 2020-10-16; Received Date: 2020-07-20