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Effect of Luffa cylindrica Leaf Extract on Hematological Parameters of Swiss Albino Mice

Emmanuel Asuquo Etim, Yusuf Abdulhakeem Adebayo and Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi

Background: Luffa cylindrica is a tropical fibrous flowering plant used in folkloric medicine. This study aims to examine the effect of methanolic leaf extract of Luffa cylindrica on hematological parameters of Swiss albino mice. Materials and methods: 70 adult mice of both sexes with mean weight of 22 ± 5 g were used for this study. Luffa cylindrica leaves was pulverized to coarse powder from where methanolic extract was obtained. 0.2 ml of 50 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg, and 200 mg/kg respectively of leaf extract was administered to mice for four days. After administration, 1 ml of blood was collected from each mice through cardiac puncture into EDTA bottle for full blood count estimation using Abacus-80 hematological analyzer. Results: The administration of 50 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg doses of the extract resulted in increased lymphocyte count from 29.4 ± 7.35% to 82.6 ± 0.30%, 81.9 ± 0.25% and 60.0 ± 0.35% respectively at P>0.05 while neutrophil value was reduced from 55.2 ± 11.05 × 109/l to 11.0 ± 0.12 × 109/l, 04.8 ± 0.13 × 109/l and 17.0 ± 0.11 × 109/l. The administration of 50 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg doses of the extract increases platelet count from 99.0 ± 0.52 × 103/ul to 979 ± 1.03 × 103/ul, 286 ± 0.32 × 103/ul and 913 ± 0.70 × 103/ul respectively. Conclusion: Ingestion of methanolic leaf extract of Luffa cylindrica resulted in a dose dependent changes in hematological parameter of albino mice including significant increase in lymphocyte and platelet counts. This plant’s leaf extract may therefore have the potentials of being effective in the treatment of diseases caused by thrombocytopenia and lymphocytopenia in mammals. It is believed that information provided in this study can enhance appropriate usage of Luffa cylindrica in folkloric medicine in Nigeria.