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Effect of Life Enrichment and Advancement Program (LEAP) on Achievement Motivation of High School Girls with Opium Addicted Parents

Parvin Agha Mohammad Hasani

The purpose of the current study was to examine the impact of the Life Enrichment and Advancement Program (LEAP) on the achievement motivation of high school girls with drug-addicted fathers. Random sampling was used in this experimental study. The study included 342 high school girls whose drug-addicted fathers had been referred to detoxification centres in Rafsanjan city in (Kerman, Iran). Fifty-four girls were randomly selected. All girls lived with their parents. In the pre study period, participants completed the Achievement Motivation Test (ACMT) and were then randomly divided two groups of 27 participants each. Experimental group underwent six weekly 1.5-hour sessions of an educational programme based on LEAP, or motivational reconstruction held and then one week and one month after the completion of the course experimental and control groups took a post-study test. The data were analysed using a t-test and repeated-measures test. The results indicated that the mean achievement motivation score of the experimental group increased after the test compared with that before the test. In addition, there were significant differences between achievement motivation scores in the experimental and control groups following the test. The analysis showed that LEAP affects the achievement motivation of participants. Ultimately, we conclude that studying psychological disorders and issues relating to families dealing with drug addicts, particularly those of girls who are future mothers, is an important but often neglected aspect of public health.