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Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology
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Dynamic Element Concentrations and Similar Proteome of the Rhizome and Root of Miscanthus X Gigantheus

Liu Y, Yang H and Ludewig U

In the perennial biomass grass Miscanthus, the rhizome, a below-ground storage organ, is important for its nutrient-efficiency. Here, macro- and microelements in the rhizome and other organs were measured in different seasons. All nutrient concentrations were generally low, indicating high nutrient efficiency to build up biomass, and differed markedly between the organs, including root and rhizome. Active translocation from the shoots increased the rhizome N and P concentrations. After the growth period, most elements remained constant in the shoot. Although the rhizome and the root massively differed in their elemental concentrations, morphology and structure, their proteome was highly similar when analyzed by 2D-gel analysis. Only ~10% of the detected proteins differed, with stress-related proteins found more abundant in the rhizome and glycolysis-related proteins higher expressed in the root. The highly similar proteome of rhizomes and roots suggests major functional similarities in sub-surface organs, despite clear morphological, structural and nutritional differences.