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Distributed Deadlock Detection Technique with the Finite Automata

Shivendra Kumar P, Hari Krishna T and R. K. Kapoor

In the distributed, system deadlocks is a fundamental problem. A process may request resources in any order, which may not be known in advance and a process can request resource while holding others. Deadlocks can occur if the sequence of the allocations of resources to the processes is not controlled. Fast and efficient deadlock detection is very challenging and difficult task in distributed systems. In this paper distributed deadlock is detected by the distributed control manager. We proposed a distributed deadlock detection algorithm based on the finite automata to detect deadlock in a distributed environment. In this proposed solution we draw the wait for graph for the distributed transaction with the help of finite automata. Our proposed algorithm avoids the transmitting massage to other nodes; it is based on the expansion of an unvisited node in the wait for graph with the help of finite automata. This finite automaton based deadlock detection technique works fast and takes less number of comparisons to detect the deadlock in the wait for graph.