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Fisheries and Aquaculture Journal
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Dietary Encapsulated Butyric Acid (Butipearl™) and Microemulsified Carotenoids (Quantum GLO™ Y) on the Growth, Immune Parameters and their Synergistic Effect on Pigmentation of Hybrid Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus × Clarias gariepinus)

Edwin Pei Yong Chow, Kah Heng Liong and Elke Schoeters

A 12-weeks feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of encapsulated butyric acid (ButiPEARL™) and microemulsified yellow carotenoid (Quantum GLO™ Y) on growth, immune parameters and their synergistic effect on pigmentation of hybrid catfish. In the experiment, the catfish was randomly divided into 12 groups of 15 fishes and then fed with four experimental diets containing 0.5 kg/t ButiPEARL™, 0.7 kg/t Quantum GLO™ Y, 0.5 kg/t ButiPEARL™ + 0.7 kg/t Quantum GLO™ Y, or none of these supplements (control diet). The results showed that the ButiPEARL™ + Quantum GLO™ Y fed group gave the highest yellowness (b*) score of 18.43 in the back muscle and almost double the total carotenoid measured in the fish muscle (151.35 mg/kg) compared to the Quantum™ Y fed group. This suggests that butyric acid in the diet had a synergistic effect on carotenoid absorption and pigmentation performance of catfish. The body weight of all treatment groups was significantly different from the control group and the catfish fed ButiPEARL™ alone had the highest body weight gained followed by the ButiPEARL™ + Quantum GLO™ Y fed group with an FCR improvement of 25 points and 13 points respectively over the control. There was no adverse effect on the immune system after feeding both butyric acid and carotenoid to the catfish and the immune parameters (number of leucocytes, erythrocyte, percent of hematocrit, haemoglobin and total protein) of ButiPEARL™ + Quantum GLO™ Y fed group were improved compared with the other groups. In conclusion, ButiPEARL™, Quantum GLO™ Y and the combination have positive effects on performance and pigmentation in catfish aquaculture.