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Dhina: A Multi-purpose Communal Tree-and-shrub Belts Around The Nucleated Settlements Of The Konso

Kansite Gellebo Korra

This paper examines multi-purpose communal forests, called the dhina, which surrounds the Konso settlements.
Qualitative research, primarily in-depth interviews and field observations, were employed to explore the multiple
purposes and current status of dhina. Moreover, as a native to the study area, the investigator was able to utilize
his personal experiences as another source of information. Results of the study show that dhina was purposefully
conserved by the communities since the time the nucleated settlements in Konso were established. The forest has
multiple purposes including: fire control, latrine, garbage dump, grazing land, fruit gathering, and hiding places
during times of conflict. Moreover, the study shows that dhina harbors several indigenous plant and animal species.
Finally, the result indicates that the process of modernization and development process threaten the survival of

Published Date: 2020-08-19; Received Date: 2020-07-24