Development, Production and Market Value of Microalgae Products | Abstract

Applied Microbiology: Open Access
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Development, Production and Market Value of Microalgae Products

Asadullah Gujar*, Hungli cui, Chunli ji, Saleem Kubar and Runzhi Li

Micro-algae are an important nutrient source. The most essential products available in algae dried biomass with high nutrients contented and high valued compounds such as fatty acids, pigments and polysaccharides. This review analyses the valuables products of micro-algae such as Porphyridium species, biomass cultured to produce polysaccharides, pigments and lipids. Behind these things of microalgae, increasingly played crucial role in pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and functional food. Additionally, P.cruentum biomass may contents the carbohydrates of up to 57% has been reported. Accordingly, the collective quantity of carbohydrates and exopolysaccharides of red micro-algae could potentially provide the source of bio-fuel and pharmaceuticals. Thus, red algae produce high nutritional food sources which are costeffective and can be easily and rapidly yields for human consumption. To support human health algae provides important diverse sources of essential nutrients. In the last century, microalgae had importance as commercial sources in market of these valued foodstuffs. Currently microalgae have a potential with new wide range ability to produce high-valued compound and other applications freshly gained in industrial value. This review describes major, recent advances in the understanding natural high value products from microalgae products can be developed for foreign markets, and the enhanced worldwide production.

Published Date: 2019-10-10; Received Date: 2019-09-23