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Journal of Antivirals & Antiretrovirals
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Development of 2′-Deoxy-4′-C-Ethynyl-2-Fluoroadenosine (EFdA) which has Supremely High Anti-HIV Activity and Low Toxicity and Prevents the Emergence of Resistant HIV Mutants, and Discovery of Different Substrate Selectivity between Viral and Hum

Hiroshi Ohrui

The development of 2′-Deoxy-4′-C-ethynyl-2-fluoroadenosine (EFdA) which has supremely high anti-HIV activity and low toxicity and prevents the emergence of resistant HIV mutants was achieved by the studies based on the author’s working hypotheses, and a very important discovery that the substrate selectivity of viral RNA-dependent nucleic acid polymerases is different from that of human DNA-dependent nucleic acid polymerases was made by these studies.