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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Detoxsan® Paste Formulation Containing Zeolites for the Treatment of Mycosis and Intertrigo Carried Out Under Climatic Conditions of Cuba

Arturo Arjona Torres, Yamilé Leyva Sánchez and Wilfried Dathe*

Objective: To offer an alternative therapy for the treatment of mycosis and intertrigo by a well investigated natural zeolite mineral embedded in a formulation of petrolatum and squalane.

Methods: A total of 43 patients, who were suffering from mycosis and intertrigo in the period started from July 2nd and ended on September 29th in 2018, were treated at the Policlínico Julio Grave de Peralta and dialysis department of the Hospital V. I. Lenin. Among them, 31 patients agreed with the application of the alternative therapy with Detoxsan® paste to overcome these dermatological diseases. The paste was applied semi-daily to the skin damaged by mycosis or intertrigo, respectively and every 5 days the patients had been controlled by the physicians with respect to the healing process. The observation period for each patient lasted 15 days.

Results: Symptoms of mycoses on patient's hands (6 patients) seem to be improved more rapidly between five and ten days than on feet (18 patients) which lasted about 15 days. In all the patients, the skin damaged by mycosis could be visually restored completely during 15 days. Most intertrigo patients showed a clinically restored skin surface already after 10 days. No adverse health effects were observed for all the patients.

Conclusions: The zeolite product Detoxsan® paste is able to restore skin damaged by mycosis and intertrigo. The formulation of the paste assures the adherence of the mineral to the skin and the properties of this zeolite with its excellent binding capacities for histamine and water, and efficiently promotes the healing process.

Published Date: 2019-02-20; Received Date: 2018-12-27