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Determining the Validity and Reliability of Persian Version of the Psoriatic Arthritis Screening and Evaluation Questionnaire

Yones Shafigh, Akram Beheshti, Navid Shafigh and Ali Akbar Shafikhani

Background: The psoriatic arthritis screening and evaluation (PASE) questionnaire was designed in English language with no particular action for the Persian language population. The current study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of this questionnaire for screening the patients with psoriatic arthritis (PSA).
Patients and methods: The PASE questionnaire was administered to 100 patients with psoriasis. After determining the validity of questionnaire, the receiver operation characteristic (Roc) curve was used to optimize the sensitivity and specificity of the questionnaire to diagnose the patients. The reliability of the PASE questionnaire was determined by a group of patients with PSA; data were analysed using SPSS.
Results: Out of 100 participants, 36 had PSA. The mean ± standard deviation (SD) score of the questionnaire in the groups with PSA and without PSA were 50.19 ± 12.97 and 38.75 ± 12.53, respectively and the difference between the groups was significant (P<0.0001); the total score of the questionnaire ranged 15-75. In this questionnaire, scores higher than 42 are considered as patients with PSA, with 73.81% Sensitivity and 74.13% specificity. Correlation between the tests was significant using test-retest reliability (P<0.05; r ≥ 0.8).
Conclusion: The results showed that the questionnaire has a relatively high sensitivity and specificity for distinguishing PSA patients. Furthermore the questionnaire had acceptable reliability; however, Persian version is not an adequate method for diagnosis patients with psoriatic arthritis in the absence of clinical diagnosis rheumatologist. In other words the Persian version of the PASE questionnaire is only an initial screening test for PSA diagnosis and cannot substitute for clinical examinations by a rheumatologist.