Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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Design of Efficycle-Human Powered Light Weight Hybrid Tricycle with Inbuilt Rear Wheel Steering and Use of Universal Joint in Front Axle

Abhay Tiwari, Ishan Jaswal, Sulipt Das and Anshu Singh

Any innovation or technology cannot be possible until and unless the work is not done by a team. In such a manner members of Team GARUD (participants of SAE-NIS 2015), who are highly motivated individuals are recklessly working towards the realization of this goal since its very inception. This paper provides in detail, about the design considerations, and methodology used in designing and developing it. The designing of the vehicle has done on Solid-Works 2014 while the design analysis has done on ANSYS-2014. Various lightweight approaches like a lightweight seat, wheel, steering have also adopted. The innovations include the use of rear wheel steering instead of conventional front wheel steering that meets the need of the market and can be produced by a fictitious firm effectively so, Human powered hybrid vehicle presents the new milestone in the realm of “Green technology”.