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Design and Analysis of a Two Stage Traffic Light System Using Fuzzy Logic

Javed Alam and Pandey MK

Traffic congestion is a growing problem in many countries especially in large urban areas. The reason behind this is the increase in number of vehicles all over the world. Due to this vehicles do not run efficiently which increasestravel time, noise pollution, carbon dioxide emissions and fuel usages.In large urban cities, traffic signal controller plays an important role to improve the efficiency of vehicles, traffic congestion and hence reduces travel time, noise pollution, carbon dioxide emission and fuel used. In this paper, a two stage traffic light system for real-time traffic monitoring has been proposed to dynamically manage both the phase and green time of traffic lights for an isolated signalized intersection with the objective of minimizing the average vehicle delay in different traffic flow rate. There are two different modules namely traffic urgency decision module (TUDM) and extension time decision module (ETDM). In the first stage TUDM, calculates urgency for all red phases. On the bases of urgency degree, proposed system selects the red light phase with large traffic urgency as the next phase to switch. In second stage ETDM, calculatesgreen light time i.e., extension time of the phase which has higher urgencyaccording to the number of vehicles. Software has been developed in MATLAB to simulate the situation of an isolated signalized intersection based on fuzzy logic. Simulation results verify the performance of our proposed two stage traffic light system using fuzzy logic.