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Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy
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Depression and Psychological Well-being in Old Age

Doshi Dhara R and Yogesh A Jogsan

The main purpose of this research was to find out the mean difference between adult and aged in depression and psychological well being. The total 60 sample were taken out which 30 were adult (20 to 59 years) male and female and 30 were aged (60 years and above) male and female. The research tool for depression, Beck depression inventory was used. Here Guajarati adaption used. For psychological well being, Sudha Bhogle’s Psychological well being scale was used, translated in Gujarati and the t-test was applied to check the difference of depression and psychological well being and the Karl-person ‘r’ method used to check the correlation. Result reveals that significant difference in depression and psychological well being with respect to both adult and aged. While co-relation between depression and psychological well-being reveals -0.70 negative correlation.