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Journal of Medical Diagnostic Methods
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Dental Patients Apprehensions about the Effects of Smoking and Role of Dentists in Smoking Cessation Activities

Sadia Shakeel and Umbreen Farrukh

A descriptive study was conducted with the aim to evaluate the dental patients’ knowledge about the consequences of smoking on health and to explore the patient’s approach towards the role of dentists in smoking cessation. Study population consisted of patients visiting Dental OPD of tertiary care facility, Karachi in the month of November 2015 using a questionnaire. Findings revealed that patients had adequate level of knowledge about the association of smoking and lung cancer (86.5%), heart disease (74%) and oral cancer (71.5%). Patients had affirmative approach towards the role of dentists and revealed willingness to quit smoking if recommended by the dentist. Hence, dentists should involve actively in smoking cessation and grab this chance to improve the health of community.