Dental Education in India: The Growth and Challenges | Abstract
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Dental Education in India: The Growth and Challenges

Sukhvinder Singh Oberoi

India is the second most populated country in the world and more than 70% of the people of India are residing in the villages. The major problem that exists is the lack of oral health care awareness among the masses in the rural and the urban areas as well. Oral health is a critical but overlooked component of overall general health and well-being among children and adults. Dental diseases are expensive to treat while very easy to prevent from occurrence. The existing gross inequality in the health status of people particularly between the developed and developing countries as well as within the countries is a matter of great concern and unacceptable in the spirit of social justice and violation of fundamental rights of the mankind. India has neither an oral health policy nor a planned oral health care delivery system. It is worthwhile to assess again the ability of the dental workforce in India to adequately and efficiently provide dental care to a population growing in size and diversity. The present review addressed the important issues related to dental education in India and the consequences of the haphazard growth.

Published Date: 2021-09-27;


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