Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering

Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering
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Defence against Aeroplanes Using Theory of Rip Currents

Aquib Nazrul Toha

If a rip current makes swimming through it strenuous, does it follow; specific frequent electromagnetic waves might make a medium impermeable for aircraft to pass through it? This paper aims to discuss and answer this question. In defence industry, millions of dollars are spent yearly to patrol skies by plane and maintain a large sky spanning several thousand kilometres safe. If there was a onetime defence mechanism in any country in place which makes the outer sky of that country impermeable to external air threat; sky observance due to external threat anxiety would decrease in a country and countries would have to spend very less amount of money overall in a decade to maintain its skies. Here electromagnetic waves of increased amplitude and several other properties as discussed in main paper are used to create high stagnation pressure at all points the wave passes through such that aerial vehicles passing through such point can’t easily pass through and provided enough stagnation pressure exerted against it; would break into pieces.