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Journal of Women's Health Care
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Decubitus Ulcers among Women with Utero-vaginal Prolapse

Isikhuemen ME, Ekwedigwe KC, Sunday i, Eliboh MO and Asiegbu OG

Objective: To document our experience with decubitus ulcers among women with utero-vaginal prolapse. Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at the national obstetric fistula center, Abakaliki, South-East Nigeria. Medical records of women with utero-vaginal prolapse who had decubitus ulcers between June 2012 and May 2017 were reviewed. Data was analyzed using statistical methods. Results: The mean age was 56.37 ± 11.62 years. The occurrence of decubitus ulcers increased with increasing age. The mean parity was 6.89 ± 2.57. Duration of prolapse ranged from 1 to 40 years. One hundred and seven (9.2%) had decubitus ulcers. Of those that had second and third degree utero-vaginal prolapse, 4.3% and 18.8% respectively had decubitus ulcers. Estrogen gel was used in the treatment of decubitus ulcers. All patients had vaginal hysterectomy with pelvic floor repair after the ulcer had healed. Conclusion: Decubitus ulcers can complicate utero-vaginal prolapse. Its occurrence increases with increasing severity of utero-vaginal prolapse. Estrogen gel is effective in its treatment.