Journal of Ergonomics

Journal of Ergonomics
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Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients of the Human Body under Forced Convection from Ceiling

Yoshihito Kurazumi, Lauris Rezgals and Arsen Krikor Melikov

The average convective heat transfer coefficient for a seated human body exposed to downward flow from above was determined. Thermal manikin with complex body shape and size of an average Scandinavian female was used. The surface temperature distribution of the manikin?s body was as the skin temperature distribution of an average person. The measurements were performed in a room with controlled thermal environment. Air temperature was set at 26�C for cooling and at 20�C for heating. The radiant temperature asymmetry in horizontal and vertical direction was close to zero, i.e. mean radiant temperature was equal to the air temperature. The air velocity of the isothermal downward flow from the ceiling at height of 1.5 m above the floor (above the top of the head) was set in a range between still air and 0.73 m/s. Based on the analyses of the results relationships for determination of the convective heat transfer coefficient of the whole body (hc [W/(m2?K)]) was proposed: hc=4.088+6.592V1.715 for a seated naked body at 20�C and hc=2.874+7.427V1.345 for a seated naked body at 26�C. Differences in the convective heat transfer coefficient of the whole body in low air velocity range, V