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Controversial in Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy

Manuela Stoicescu

Introduction: The main objective of this presentation is to attract attention about a hot topic regarding menopausal hormone therapy replacement. It is a good option for a woman to follow or no this hormonal therapy replacement during menopause period, taking into account the benefits and also the risks? This is a modern phenomenon in this moment in the medical field, but is it really safe for a woman to follow this therapy? Much more research has to be done regarding this therapy to not expose many females to unnecessary side effects. Can we force the natural evolution of the mechanisms of the body in this direction?

Materials and methods: Further on it will be presented two cases of medical practice, with two major side effects of this therapy, not insignificant, which should give food for thought. The first case develops occurrence of breast malignancy and the second with endometrial cancer after the therapy.

Results and discussion: The idea of menopausal hormone replacement therapy appeared with the all best intentions for this difficult period in a woman’s life in menopause, but the reality is that dangerous side effects can occur like mentioned before.

Conclusion: The most important conclusion of this presentation is that hormone replacement therapy at menopause is not safe and more research is needed in the future for the best decision.