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Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering
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Control Software Designation of Postural and Ergonomic Variables during Working with Computer Users

Arvin Fathei

Objectives: Widespread usage of computer in Third Millennium lead to prevalence of postural and ergonomic injuries and eye and other organs fatigue. Hence we are to design software for maintenance of corrected and normal body posture.

Methods: This is a semi-empirical and case study that was done in sport biomechanics laboratory. First some specific points of body was marked then sited on specific seat of computer with normal posture. Some images were prepared from anterior and lateral views by motion analyzer. After analyze, images were transferred to software and was saved to personal computer. Once user sat in front of PC, front and tween lateral PC camera controlled maintenance of body posture. If some incorrect posture was observed, the n computer had warned him to have correct position.

Results: Data showed that repeatedly usage of the software led to postural correction of user and prevention of wrong habits. It was confirmed by multiple usages. Conclusions: During the research, most of users were satisfied by the software and no pain, fatigue and skeletomuscular disorder were not reported.