Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering

Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering
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ISSN: 2168-9792



Computational Study of Ailerons in Cross Flows Ground Effects and Biplanes Configurations

Alsarheed M and Sedaghat A

An aileron, part of the trailing edge of a fixed-wing airplane, is used to control aircraft’s movement around its longitudinal axis (roll). Ailerons have significant impacts on airfoil surface pressure and its lift and drag coefficients. Both panel and finite volume methods were used on a NACA 2412 airfoil with a 20% aileron in a cross flow. The aerodynamic performance of ailerons alone, in a biplane configuration, and in the ground effects has been computationally investigated using both the panel and the finite volume methods. Several parameters were analyzed including the effects of the attack angle of the airfoil, aileron deflection angle, the ride height from the ground, and the characteristics of biplanes. Results of both computational methods are presented and discussed for the aforementioned configurations of NACA 2412 airfoil with aileron.