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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Comparison Scent Compound Emitted from Flowers of Damask Rose and Persian Musk Rose

Akbar Karami and Samira Jandoust

Rose emits a great group of scent that is functional in their communication with their instantaneous environment. In this study, the chemical compositions of floral scent from Damask and Musk roses flowers were isolated at full bloom stage by using headspace extraction. The main floral headspace components in Damask rose were Phenylethyl alcohol (2-phenylethanol), β-citronellol, α-Pinene and Geranyl acetate however the main components in Musk rose were Phenylethyl alcohol, 1-Nonadecene, Heneicosane and n-Nonadecane. In the both of species, the relative percentage of Phenyl ethyl alcohol was main scent compound. β-citronellol, α-Pinene and Geranyl acetate were highest and a major component in the Damask rose however these components (except α-Pinene) were not detected in Musk rose. The results of this study indicated that a number of factors, including particular rose species and the genetic triggers for releasing fragrance, determine the amount of fragrance.