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Comparison of Right and Left Bank Erosion Pattern of the Padma River Part III

Muhammad Muzibur Rahman and Nazrul Islam M

This study has explored left and right bank erosion pattern of the Padma River during the period 1967-2009 by using remote sensing and field survey data. The total erosion along both banks of the Padma River was 66,457 ha during the period. Erosion along the right bank was 43,541 ha and along the left bank 22,916 ha during that period, and erosion along the right bank was about 50% higher than along the left bank. The maximum lateral extent of erosion was 1,800 m/yr for the four years, 1980-84 along the right at Gharishar of Shariatpur district and maximum highest erosion was 2,200 m/yr in 2000-01 along the left bank at Harirampur of Manikganj district. Erosion was 14,210 ha and 6,370 ha along the right and left bank respectively during 1994-2009. The River penetrated 5 km into the floodplain along the left bank at Harirampur and 6 km along the right bank at Faridpur during the last 15 years developing the meandering bends. Every year new eroded length in the right bank was 7 km and about 3 km in the left bank. Maximum reach average erosion occurs on right bank of Reach 1 and Reach 3. Reach-averaged annual rate of erosion was minimum along the both banks in Reach 2. The rate of reach-averaged erosion was maximum along the right bank for all reaches.