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Comparing the Use of a Needle Guidance Device vs. Free-hand Technique in Performing Ultrasound-guided TAP Blocks: A Prospective Randomised Trial

Kim C, Ratnayake M, Lethbridge G and Ng I

We compared the use of InfinityTM needle guide vs. free hand technique in performing ultrasound-guided Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) blocks in a clinical setting. Twenty patients having open abdominal surgery were recruited. The needle tip visibility was better with the use of needle guide than without, as demonstrated by the increased median (IQR) percentage of the time the needle tip was visualised: 34.2% (15.0-55.1) vs. 17.9% (8.2- 28.3), p<0.05. The total procedure time was less with the use of needle guide: 107.9s (76.6-120.2) vs. 123.8s (96.5- 165.9), p<0.05. The proceduralist satisfaction (score 0-10) was higher with the use of needle guide 8.0 (5.3-8.8) vs. 5.5 (4.0-7.8), p<0.05.The use of needle guide improved the percentage of needle tip visibility, time to perform the block and proceduralist satisfaction when performing ultrasound-guided TAP block.