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Changing of Sea Surface Temperature Affects Catch of Spanish Mackerel Scomberomorus Commerson in the Set-Net Fishery

Khanh Q Nguyen and Vang Y Nguyena

This paper reviews the Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus commerson landing status of the set-net fishery and changing sea surface temperature (SST) in Nha Trang city, Vietnam in the 12th year period. The observation of both catch and individual weight showed a general trend of declining between 2005 and 2016. Catch yield of set-net fishery significantly depended on season and moon phase resulting from highest harvesting in April and May, as well as in the new moon and last quarter of phases. SST in the Nha Trang bay was significant increase of 0.0520C per year, while the catch and SST were also significantly related, with a negative parameter of slope. Results from General Linear Model using Bayesian Model Average showed that the moon phase, year and SST factors explained the variation in catch of Spanish mackerel.