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Changes on QT, Qtc and P Dispersion during Flexible Bronchoscopy under Propofol and 12121 Remifentanil Sedation. A Double-Blind Randomized Trial

Rafi Dogan, Ozgur Ciftci, Zuhal Ekici Ünsal, Cemile Rusina Dogan, Funda Gumus and Pinar Zeyneloglu

Background: Serious hemodynamic alterations have been shown during flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FFB). QT and P wave dispersion (QTd, Pd) may give us an significant information about cardiac status during FFB. This study aimed to compare the effect of propofol and remifentanil sedation on QTd, corrected QT dispersion (QTcd) and Pd during FFB. Method: Forty-nine ASA class I or II patients who were not pre-medicated were selected and allocated to receive either propofol 1 mg/kg (n=20) or remifentanil 1 μg/kg (n=20) and titrated to achieve Ramsey sedation score level of 5. QTd, QTcd and Pd were measured on electrocardiography baseline (T0), at the end of the infusion of drugs (T1), shortly after laryngoscopy (T2), at the end of bronchoscopy (T3) and the time of Modified Aldrete score to be achived 10 (T4) Heart rate, mean arterial pressure, respiratory rate and partial CO2 pressure in blood gas were recorded at these time points. Furthermore, recovery times (RT) were recorded