Annals and Essences of Dentistry

Annals and Essences of Dentistry
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Sowmya B Rao, Gowri sankar Singaraju, Prasad Mandava, Vivek Reddy Ganugapanta

The key for successful orthognathic surgery is the precise and careful diagnosis of facial, skeletal and dental problems. The cephalometric analysis for orthognathic surgery shows the orthodontist the horizontal and vertical positions of the facial bones by the use of a steady harmonized system. The sizes of the bones are represented by direct linear measurements whereas the shapes are measured by angular measurements. This analysis has been imperative for diagnosis and treatment planning of orthognathic surgery. The landmarks and measurements selected in the analysis can be altered by numerous surgical procedures. The rectilinear measurements can be transferred readily to a case study for mock surgery to learn further. And finally the comprehensive appraisal encompasses all of the facial bones and a cranial base for reference. To make it clinically practical, the analysis has been reduced to its most relevant and significant measurements. Because the measurements in cephalometric analyses are primarily linear, they may be eagerly applied to prediction overlays and serve as a basis for the assessment of other post treatment stability options.

Published Date: 2015-09-30;