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Cementifying fibroma—A case report

Rama raju. D

The etiology and pathogenesis of fibro-osseous lesions remain a subject of investigation. Various explanations are offeredcongenital anomaly of bone, developmental defect caused by faulty embryogenesis ; hamartoma, tumor of periodontal membrane origin, mesenchymal tumor arising in spongiosa and an abnormal repair of bone after injury. Fibro-osseous lesions of the jaws form a group of conditions, which are remarkable for their clinicopathological similarities. On occasions clinician may find himself in the position of being the arbiter in the face of equivocal histological evidence. Some pathologists use the same terminology for apparently quite dissimilar lesions, and seemingly others to render the same diagnosis use variable histologic criteria. By analyzing the clinical, radiographic, gross/surgical and histological features of all lesions coded as fibro-osseous lesions we should be able to separate a clinicopathologic entity. A case of cementifying fibroma is presented here along with discussion.

Published Date: 2010-03-31;