Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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Carbon-Monoxide (CO): A Poisonous Gas Emitted from Automobiles, Its Effect on Human Health

Ohwojero Chamberlain

The emission of carbon monoxide CO from automobiles has caused hazard to human health. Human beings are faced with health challenges as they breathe air in their living environment. The breathing in of carbon monoxide has caused reduction of oxygen in take by man; because when carbon monoxide is breathed into the lungs, it sticks to the haemoglobin thereby preventing oxygen flow. This affects the transportation of oxygen by the blood which causes suffocation in man. The cluster of automobiles on roads and streets globally has posed health challenge. Hence this research is focused on finding solution to the effect of carbon monoxide CO on human health. To carry out this study the researcher used two automobiles that have different type of exhaust system. The researcher exposed four English rabbits to the two different exhaust systems in different rooms together with white fabrics in each of the rooms for one week to check for level of carbon deposits on the white fabrics after one week of the experiment. Observations were made in respect to body temperature, weight, nasal discharge, vomiting rate and feeding habits of the four rabbits used in the experiment. Findings were discussed based on observations as shown on records and recommendations were made to guide the researcher in making conclusion.