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Cancer Embryonic Stem Cell-like Attractors alongside Deficiency of Regulatory Restraints of Cell-Division and Cell-Cycle

Zhang Yue

The attractive conception of cancerattractors has recently been proposed, but it remains hypothetic and awaiting for experimental confirmation. Further, it is essential to elucidate how cell cycle and cell division may smoothly integrate with it. It is well-known that many cancers show with embryonic stem cell-like signatures. Based on publicly available gene expression profiling data, one unique pattern for cancer embryonic stem cell-like attractors was identified alongside deficiency of Mi-2/NuRD and its partner?s chromatin remodel systems (CRS) critical for germline-reactivated cancers, and particularly extendable to deficiency of regulatory components of cell-cycle and cell-division. Moreover, our results of Gene Expression Dynamics Inspector (GEDI) assays exemplified with the state of cell attractors of fruitfly l(3)mbt brain tumor reveals that cancer embryonic stem cell-like attractors might fall in between those of two-cell embryos and onset of differentiation states. Such stem?like attractors were further explored for its dynamics feature. The high-transcript abundance (HTA) within Self Organization Maps (SOMs) decrease during the progression of differentiation in wild-type animals and this trend can be significantly antagonized with a mutation in Polycomb homolog mes-2/E(Z) (enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2)) in Caenorhabditis elegans. Finally such features may contribute to a better understanding of carcinogenesis under cancer embryonic stem celllike attractors theory and provide novel angles for cancer therapeutic interventions.